Trang chủ / The reasons why I chose Tias, Netherlands_ Ngô Thanh Trường, MA in Business Management

The reasons why I chose Tias, Netherlands_ Ngô Thanh Trường, MA in Business Management

The reasons why I chose Tias, Netherlands_ Ngô Thanh Trường, MA in Business Management

When I was considering pursuing my Master’s degree to improve my skills and increase my chances of obtaining a job in a reputable and international company, TIAS was among my first choices. I was looking for a school that ranks high among international business schools, and one that would allow me to have the international career that I always aspired to.

I am so glad that I chose TIAS for my further education!

The most important reason I chose TIAS is the fact that TIAS sets for Business. TIAS is the first business school in the Netherlands when it comes to Executive Education. It is the fifth consecutive year that TIAS has attained this number 1 position. The motto of the school is ‘Never Stop Asking’, and I remind myself of this every single day. Not only during lectures but also when finding a way to turn what I have learned into practice and business.

For me, TIAS is far more than a business school for professionals and future financial elites. TIAS opened up a brand-new window for me: I can combine my theories with tasks in the real world. This combination, I believe, is the true meaning of learning how to do business.

At TIAS, we do not just wait for chances. We are seeking out for opportunities. Thanks to Ray Lin, a friend from China, for her organising a trip to Dummen Orange, one of the most prominent breeders in the Netherlands. We had a chance of discovering the floral industry in the world.


One of the things that attracted me about TIAS is the diversity. You can hear multiple languages being spoken at the same time while you walk through the hallway, sipping your coffee in the coffee corner, or even while waiting to use the microwave in the basement. Though you can mostly hear Dutch, you still notice the differences. I was even smirking when I noticed the typical accent of our Italian professor when he speaks English.  

Isn’t it beautiful? Hearing the differences while sharing the same roof, no racism, no borderline, just us having a great time. We share ideas, perspective and culture, despite our accent, skin colour, and languages. Most of all, we do not just share them while discussing the theory of motivation, balance sheet or the supply chain’s bullwhip effect. You can simply find anyone to talk about anything you want.

In conclusion, learning and practising in TIAS is a serious investment. And at last, I can state that this investment is successful.

Ngô Thanh Trường 


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