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Câu chuyện du học của bạn Ngô Thị ĐoanTrang_ du học sinh trường Cesarritz SEG_ Thụy Sĩ

Câu chuyện du học của bạn Ngô Thị ĐoanTrang_ du học sinh trường Cesarritz SEG_ Thụy Sĩ

Because I have a great interesting in the Hospitality industry so I decided to give myself the opportunity to try it after my graduation at Hoa Sen University.

Once mentioning about Hospitality industry, most people will automaticly think of the country Switzerland because Switzerland is literaly the Hospitality industry’s cradle following with top hotel and restaurant schools overall worldwide are also located in Switzerland. Because of that, I decided to select Switzerland as my upcoming destination of the life roadmap.  Speaking of how to come to Switzerland facilitably, I would like to send my appreciation to ANT -  a study abroad company in general and Ms. Thuy Trang in particular. She and the whole team had enthusiastically supported me throughout all stages of orientation and application until the moment i set my foot in Switzerland. Not only that, she also checked on me frequently and provided tremendous of advises during my studying journey at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. She devoted herself to assist me in searching valuable scholarships which are not only useful for my personal interests but also reduced the majority of expenses burden on my family shouder and that dedication have touched me deeply.

About César Ritz School, I was extremely impressed by the professional teaching procedure from international teachers who come from different parts of the world. It improved my language skills substantialy, those interesting lessons with fascinating ways of conveyance. For instance, in Wine and Beverage class, in addition to the fixed theory classes, I had a leverage to enjoy the wine–tasting sessions which embraced my knowledge of wine and other well known brands of alcohol. Besides, certain subjects required participation in teamwork in order to enhance our communication skills which opened up the chance for me to make new friends from various countries. Moreover, I could learn numerous languages from those international friends. That was such an enjoyable feeling I got. Further more, aside from the main compulsory hours, there were plenty of weekend extracurricular activities organized such as yoga classes, extra cheese classes or visiting Swiss - chocolate factory where as I could get my favourite self-made chocolate.

In the winter season, I could join my school mates for ice skating or skiing. Another great point to mention is our dinning room which allows us to enjoy the variety cusines from around the globe. Our meal includes appetizers, main courses, desserts and different kinds of beverage encompass coffee, milk , orange juice, etc…

 Alacarte dinning rooms are available every week – higher level of deliciouness , food showcase and professional service manners. This location is the place where I rehearsed and polished my customer - serving skills every week.

 At this moment, I have walked through the 4th month of my 6 months internship duration. Im working in a Swiss Asian restaurant chain named SuanLong. After the first 4 months, I have realized my dramatic transformance, I have greatly upgraded my language skills in both English and German thank to the fact that English and German are the two most common languages are spoken here. I have also become bolder and taken innitiative once dealing with actual customers.

I have gained excessive experiences and skill sets and ultilized it in my daily working process such as prolem solving skills. Generally, these workloads are not difficult to achieve but small mistakes might occur easily. From there, I can gain those experiences over time. After 4 months of putting great efforts in both studying and working, I could communicate smoothly with customers and be able to figure out and understand random words or sentences of German in the restaurant.

 Based on my personal experiences, I would like to give some advises to the next candidates to concentrate on cultivating your language ability . It comprises English in general and furthermore German or French should become proficient prior to your journey to Switzerland would be better.

In term of studying, it is ideal to develop your communication and connection with your teachers actively as well as particiating in schools’s parties and teamworks in order to improve your knowledge and build up your relationships with teachers and shool mates.

 In my point of view, the specific characteristics of Hospitality industry is that who owns a good language competence would have easier posibility to succeed in this industry. Additionally, taking control and make sufficient amount of questions if there is any concern found during the internship period to prevent disadvantages on your side.

 The above sharings are just a small part of my experiments and feelings after 1 year of studying and working in Switzerland. On the whole, Switzerland is a civilized and liberal country, thus new comers should be comfortable and confident and always fight for your favour.

 Sincerely and be determine to win. 

Ngo Thi Doan Trang

International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Cesar Ritz, Switzerland

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