Trang chủ / Nguyễn Ngọc Khánh Linh và cơ duyên đến với trường ĐH nghiên cứu Radboud, Hà Lan

Nguyễn Ngọc Khánh Linh và cơ duyên đến với trường ĐH nghiên cứu Radboud, Hà Lan

Nguyễn Ngọc Khánh Linh và cơ duyên đến với trường ĐH nghiên cứu Radboud, Hà Lan

One of the decisions that I felt right and have never regretted would probably be studying abroad. Back then when I was a kid, I had a dream of studying and following a carrer path in foreign country where I have never been to and completly unfamiliar to the people, culture, lifestyle and language. At that time, besides concentrating well on studying, I almost had no clue of which direction where I should head to regarding selecting the destination, university , school and boarding, etc… Then, ANT company played a special role on guiding me and specifying those steps in order to touch that dream. After going through all factors comprise my expectation, learning ability and financial resources, I got accompanied in the process of searching, discussing with schools as well as proceeding the translation and application of required documents by Ms. Trang. In addition to the ability to present the transparent information, I could feel the company’s dedication and thoughtful acts thoughout the consitency of keeping in touch, exchanging contact information of new coming students who conduct the same semester so we have an opportunity to make friends in advance and finally sending off students at the airport

 Although studying abroad is not my final destination, however, currentlly it is a training process of my independence and at the same time leaving me the most memorable experiments. Independence is probably the most truthful word to describing the life of oversea students. I had to force myself to get use to living apart from my family and being away from my parents’s protection. To a person who had 19 years of attaching to parents’s assistance from A to Z , being on my own, especially in a foreign soil seems to be an extremly difficult task. In spite of that, as soon as I set my foot in Netherland, in stead of the feeling of the fish out of water or odd, it welcomes me with the friendliness and enthusism of Dutch people.

 One of the reasons I chose Netherland is 95% of Dutch can use English fluently and thank to those advantages that help me – a person who living apart from my house for the first time to gain leverages and achieve my tasks with out difficulty. One fo the most precious charaters of the Dutch people that I would like to learn is their joyness and optimism and that forms a beautiful impression of the Dutch people in the eyes of international friends once mentioning about this country. Everyday when you step out , it seems like you got transferred a powerful positive energy behinds those shiny smiles and welcoming greetings from everyone, that sincerity is not only comes from the staffs in the service industries but also comes from any unknown human you cross on your way. Additionally, the charming in communication manner and straight forward work style are Dutch special soft skills that I have been training and polishing every single day. This could be a bit bias but after each visiting to another country, the great combination of  all indications of human, weather and landscape in the Netheland never fail to provide me comfort just like I am at home. Taking of travelling, Holland is considered as a prime location that is within an easy reach for oversea students to visit and explore various cultures of Europeans.  For a travelling lover like myself, moving around from Holland has never been more convenient, you could jump on the bus and it takes you to neigbour countries such as Germany, France and Belgium as well as taking the train or the airplane to further countries. “ Travel broadens the mind” , with those favourable conditions, there is no reason that we should miss out those opportunity! As a Saigon girl who used to a fast and bustling life pace, the beginning of my oversea journey could be a bit down.

 Netherland in general or Nijmegen where I study and live has no cluster of street foods or bubble tea pop up stores whereas we can gather with friends compare to Vietnam. In stead, there are special occasions including Orientation Week and canivals in which  parties will be orgazined for students by the fraternities and clubs in the school. In case you are not the party person like me, then you can join the cooking session organized weekly with the international students, with a presentation of a traditional dish of one selected country each week. From each event, we have not only the chance to introduce the distinguish culture of our country but also receiving plenty of help in tern of  studying and room searching.

 After one year of living here, Netherlands picture in my mind has more than just those awesome wind milks, adorable wooden shoes or a strange country for learning purpose, but it has literaly become my second home. Nijmegen, a city carries in itself an ancient  history, resonating with the dynamism of the students from the two major universities in Netherland are Radboud Research School and HAN University of Applied Sciences  which helps such an introvert and silent person like me to integrate and perfom better in studying.


Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Linh

Bachelor Degree

Major: Business Administration

Radboud University, Netherland

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